Thursday, June 23, 2016

Act 1: Part 3

You abscond to the middle room. Darn it all you never actually have the guts to fight your brother. you get so close and then your resolve just dissipates like the sickeningly sweet smell of 'febreeze' in a dumpster, you know its supposed to work, but it just doesn't.
it's not that your scared of the guy, it's just.... he's scary sometimes, especially his strange collection.

in all honesty you find that his strange obsession for scarecrows to be a tad bit unnerving. and he even has one he talked to all the time, Demetri. of course your brother doesn't give a damn about him because he has him WEDGED IN THE GOD DAMN CORNER. You'd pull him out but you have nowhere to put him and you don't want to put him in your captcha-log cards because you just know he'll clog it up in there and you'll be forced to tear more of your cards apart to make room for him.

Luka take a step back:

your in the 'MIDDLEGROUND', an area where you and your brother have your game nights and meals together. However right now the space is occupied by something oddly familiar, something oddly.....evil.....

 Luka inspect oddly familiar, oddly evil object:

Luka: Well what in tarnations do we have here?......OH GOG

there it sits the tart treat of the horrid pastry banshee. a Marie Calender mereing pie.
god how you hated her pies. flaky pastries of all disgusting meats and fruits to fatten the people up. you were almost POSITIVE that the banshee had stuffed human meat into her eledged chicken pot pies. Stuffed the meat of people she'd fattened up with her pies! you were positive the flaky tart made her pies with the intention of amassing more cannibalistic followers.

Luka take a bite out of the pie.

NO you most certainly will NOT!


Monday, November 17, 2014

Act1:Part 2

As usual your bro is moments away from a strife with yet another customer. you swear you'd be rolling in the big boons if only he'd stop picking fights with the customers. I Mean good god look at him, he's always covered in dirt and hasn't made even a piss poor effort to try to calmly talk to people. You can't ever leave him alone.
yes the shop was a little more sparce then most other shops, but come on where in the hell else can you find fetch modi for 8 boons? only here in your brothers ghetto shop. Whacked out potions and random scalemates, with the occasional R-rated Smuppet showing its plump luscious rump arond the place. BUT ENOUGH E-BOUT THAT. your brother was picking a fight with the wrong lady, it wasn't a rustblood or a human, you aren't even sure who the hell this is. but


you equip your cane-kind strife specibus and attempt to stop your bro from strifing with the woman(?)

you open your strife specibus and equip your CaneKind strife abstratus.

Luka, Strife with your brother:

OOOOOOOOOOOOORrrrrrrrrrrrrr..... you could.....

Friday, October 31, 2014

Act 1: Part 1

Today is October 29th, A young girl stands in her bedroom,

though it was 14 years ago that she was born, only today will she receive a name, what will the name of this girl be?

THAT'S very rude, She doesn't understand that joke since shes out here with a lot of the lower class folks.

she reckons you ought to get it right. ain't polite to be all rude to a stranger.

YP: Thank ya kindly.
Your name is Luka Heldon you live happily out here in the country with your bro, you tend to come off as weird and naive, but actually have a better grasp on what goes on in the world more then anyone else.
you enjoy reading tarot cards and gambling, you have a regular daytime job working at the shop with your brother.Your chumhandle is yesterdaysProtagonist, You speak in a Way that makes sense, with the occasional speech mannerisms you use in every day life such as 'dute' and 'adowable'.
you have a fair concept of time and have accurately foreseen events to come. you have an outstanding collection of cards ranging from playing cards to your beloved tarot deck. Occult is your Middle name. Luka Occult Heldon, Yup that was right. you had probably the single most awesome name in all of the New Alterth, you were just about positive no one else could be as awesome as you were in the dark and paranormal.

Luka, go retrieve tarot cards and see what your fortune is like today.

you activate your Tarot Modus which was a gift from your Best Fri-,er, You mean, Moirail.
you sent a modus you designed just for him, derived from one of the old artifacts you find on your treasure hunts.
Basically it works like the ouija modus some rust bloods have, but rarer. you draw five cards at random or all if you have less then five in your inventory. You then arrange them in the normal fortune reading design, and show the fortune. as to how to use the items, well, it doesn't quite define it.

Seriously pick up the cards.

You flip the cards over and read them with your clairvoyant interpretation.
you have the Cards;
Wheel Of Fortune: Wow I reckon something mighty nice will happen to me today!
The Fool: I hope i get to pester Delsin, he hasn't spoken to me in weeks!
The Lovers: Aww, I hope its for me this time!
The World: It's going to change, an it'll be soon!
The Hierophant: Hope it's not about that issue i spoke to delsin about...
The Moon: I'm gonna be lied to?! Who's gonna lie to me?!
The Tower:, A catastrophe! A world wide calamity!

As of late you'd been receiving divine messages from your cards about some great Calamity that was going to happen. You'd never received something of that scale of clairvoyancy. Normally it was something about which item was going to sell better at the shop or when it would rain.

Luka, examine the book on your bed.

This book was actually found inside the ruins of an alleged "ship" that may have been used by the 'lost players' an alleged band of game players from thousands of years ago. said to have been the noah's of their time.

This book was stolen by your friend Alex and sent to you for your birthday last year.
you use it as a diary because the paint on the pages have just royally fucked up the words on them making it unintelligible for a reading material. Many would kill to get their hands on this artifact. But it would mean you'd have to be executed. And Jegus knows it would kill your bro if you went before the Grand ones for possession of the past. People already have tensions rising for the bullshit laws being passed restricting the lower classes. This would just incite a war and then you'd never see your friends in the city.

Luka go down to the shop and see if bro needs help with stuff.