Monday, November 17, 2014

Act1:Part 2

As usual your bro is moments away from a strife with yet another customer. you swear you'd be rolling in the big boons if only he'd stop picking fights with the customers. I Mean good god look at him, he's always covered in dirt and hasn't made even a piss poor effort to try to calmly talk to people. You can't ever leave him alone.
yes the shop was a little more sparce then most other shops, but come on where in the hell else can you find fetch modi for 8 boons? only here in your brothers ghetto shop. Whacked out potions and random scalemates, with the occasional R-rated Smuppet showing its plump luscious rump arond the place. BUT ENOUGH E-BOUT THAT. your brother was picking a fight with the wrong lady, it wasn't a rustblood or a human, you aren't even sure who the hell this is. but


you equip your cane-kind strife specibus and attempt to stop your bro from strifing with the woman(?)

you open your strife specibus and equip your CaneKind strife abstratus.

Luka, Strife with your brother:

OOOOOOOOOOOOORrrrrrrrrrrrrr..... you could.....